Gallery show coming up at Prospectus January 8th 2011

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to invite you to come out to check out some of my newest artwork in this solo show called “Connections”.

The title refers to my specific interest in the use of art to create and highlight bridges across what we may perceive as separate islands of experience. Our humanity connects us all and I hope through these different paintings to share something new about the experiences and energy we embody that when …shared culminate in the creation of communities of care. While no artwork on it’s own can solve our problems, it’s up to all of us to engage in those experiences that challenge our thinking, reflect on these moments and hopefully emerge renewed. This work does this for me as an individual and artist and I share it with you for the sake of warming up your winter.

I’ve been busy in the studio creating new work and it would be my great pleasure to see you there and hear your feedback. Everything will be for sale including print reproductions of many of the paintings on display. Hors D’ouvres and wine will be provided along with a musical performance to be confirmed with you shortly.

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